Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What happens when you go green?

McKinsey predicted a couple of years ago that by 2020 IT would be the largest polluter of the earth and would produce carbon dioxide more than even the aviation industry. This report turned out to be the eye opener for CIO's and going green and recycling was at the top in their list of priorities.

This alarm though faded in light of the economic fallout which started in the end of 2008. Now with the Copenhagen summit a passe and its failure to produce any substantial results, people must themselves weigh the benefits of going green; specially CIO's.In light of this crisis here is a report on the benefits of going green.

Top threats to cloud computing!

Cloud Computing represents one of the most significant shifts in information technology many of us are likely to see in our lifetimes. Reaching the point where computing functions as a utility has great potential, promising innovations we cannot yet imagine.Customers are both excited and nervous at the prospects of Cloud Computing.To aid both cloud customers and cloud providers, CSA developed “Security Guidance for Critical Areas in Cloud Computing”,the industry standard catalogue of best practices to secure Cloud Computing.

The threats like abuse, nefarious use and data loss has been plagueing the users and providers akin. To know more about the top threats and how to overcome them click here.

Data security weakness of cloud computing

If cloud was the buzzword of 2009, then data protection of cloud computing has been the muse of 2010. European leaders and ENISA (European network and information security agency) have called for an agreement to protect information and have more stringent data protection laws, since the cloud has exposed cracks in the armor.To find out more about what agreement has to say click here.