Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010: Year for the Cloud

Cloud computing which was lagering behind at #3 last year behind Virtualization and BI, has leapfrogged to #1 this year. Read the full report and also see the cloud map by Clicking Here

Organizations will increasingly use cloud as a resource for both pre-production and production workloads.CIOs and IT managers will test the benefits of creating and managing internal, elastic virtual datacenters, automated infrastructure with integrated and variable chargeback and billing capabilities.Infrastructure environments will become increasingly dynamic and virtualized,and the “virtual datacenter” or VDC will emerge as the new enterprise compute platform.

SMB customers will reap benefits this year with the cloud or the PaaS model. Also owing to the security concerns both vendors and users will form a Cloud Security Alliance.There will also be preferences for customers to move within the cloud with open cloud standards incubator.

These are some of the predictions for 2010 cloud computing.

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