Sunday, January 10, 2010

Changing Internal IT through the cloud!

Analysts claim that 2009 was a year of the cloud, though it was focussed over smaller projects. The main usage of cloud computing was in the arena of internal computing, or how could internal systems be connected to the cloud to gain maximum modernization.

By maximum modernization though, I mean how can existing IT architectures be reimplemented using he cloud computing concepts like virtualization, SaaS, SOA and Self provisioning. These concepts are called as  "private clouds" by many, this trend is more about learning to leverage internal IT resources effectively and efficiently than what was previously considered best practices. Specifically, this is the movement from single, monolithic, and underused systems to virtual environments, as well as the ability to address local and remote systems using APIs or services.

With such an amount of spend going towards the cloud, and internal users trying to revamp their individual architectures, IDC predicts that cloud will at 10% of all IT spending by 2013. 
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