Thursday, December 10, 2009

Firms to Pump in More Money in the Cloud

The coming years will see corporate majors pumping in more money in the private cloud computing space than in public offerings. Such a scenario is expected owing to the fact that private cloud computing have the capacity to let firms access scalable and elastic IT services over the internet, without banking on a public service provider.

A Gartner report says the existing IT architectures and processes can be simply replaced by the cloud and more companies will jump on to the bandwagon. It has been pointed out that larger companies will maintain private clouds within the organization and use outsourced services when they want to access additional resources.

Adding, Gartner has said that continued investment in private cloud computing will allow public providers to learn from associated technological, cultural and business interface changes. It has been earlier pointed out that cloud computing could take a position as one of the most important strategic technologies for 2010, alongside green IT.

- RIM Desk

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